5 Holiday Looks that will have you looking like a Gingerbread Snack!

2018 is pretty much here and for many of us with can’t wait for 2017 to be frigging over! Despite the many setbacks of 2017 , women of color had much to celebrate in the beauty industry this year.

Fenty Beauty launched with 40 diverse shades, Rihanna is out here doing IG beauty tutorials now, several beauty influencers of colors got brand collab deals and a few black-owned brands raised millions of dollars.

Before we bid 2017 farewell and good riddance, we’ll be doing so with some holiday glam looks. In makeup terms, HELLA glitter!

Glitter can be a messy adventure which is why we’re featuring looks using the MFMG pressed glitters which need no primer base and have little fall out.  Enjoy!



MFMG Pressed Glitter Palette


It’s very easy for green and red Holiday colours to come off as tacky but Ronke pulls off this look flawlessly. The black lip liner tones down the brightness of the red lipstick and adds a gothic flair to this holiday glam. 

Treat yourself to this glittery green punch of color with the code: RONKERAJI

Watch the full tutorial below:


2. Chloqemakeup

MFMG Holiday Glam

There’s no youtube tutorial accompanying this look, unfortunately,  but it’s just so pretty! It’s holiday glam yet dewy and fresh, absolutely love the gold and red pairing.

Chloe chose to pair her copper eyeshadow with a gold glitter in the MFMG Pressed Glitter Palette:


3. Krizztina Mitchell


Just in time for Thanksgiving, this coppery look will have that Aunt that’s always in your business what’s responsible for your glow. See the full tutorial below:


4. Nephilove

Makeup for Melanin Girls Glitter Palette
















Monochromatic looks stand the risk of looking dated but absolutely not in this case! Breaking up the green eyeshadow with a pop of copper and glitter tear ducts is exactly what this stunning fall-ready look needed. This is how you want to look before wolfing down sweet potato pie.

5. CollegiateBeauty

Holiday Glam


Last but not least is this bold, performance-ready look by Denise a.ka. CollegiateBeauty. This is no look for shrinking violets because you will be sure to get some double-takes with this bold look. The turquoise against her skin is to die for and of all the looks it probably uses the most glitter.

So if you are ready to play with glitter, this is the look for you.



The Holidays are a great time for trying looks you normally wouldn’t. Which one of these would you try?

If you use the glitter palette,  tag us your pic with the hashtag #SlaywithMFMG so we can share it with the world!


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